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Lending Services

  • The current course literature for the Åland University of Applied Sciences is available in the course book library at Mariehamn City Library. The university course book library can be found farthest in on the ground floor of Mariehamn City Library.

    Course Literature in English
    Current course literature is specified in the course description. If no literature in English is specified in the course description, ask the teacher responsible for the course.
    Rules for Course Literature Loans
    Books can be borrowed for 14 days or 7 days if the book is reserved by another borrower.
    There is a penalty of €1 per book and day for late return of course books.

  • The university library has the same library loan rules and charges as Mariehamn City Library.
    Information on rules concerning library loans and charges at the Åland University of Applied Sciences and Mariehamn City Library.
    The only exception to Mariehamn City Library’s charges is in the case of interlibrary loans. Interlibrary loans are free for degree students and staff at the Åland University of Applied Sciences. The HÅ Open University students pay interlibrary loan charges as stipulated by Mariehamn City Library.

    Note that the charge for overdue coursebooks and interlibrary loans is 1 euro/day.

  • The library card is a personal document. You receive the free library card at Mariehamn City Library upon presentation of identification and confirmation of your signature. The same library card can be used at all Åland libraries. You are responsible for all material borrowed using your library card.

    Apply for a library card

    Block a lost library card

    If your library card is lost and there is a risk of misuse, you should block the card via, Logga in/Mina sidor/Mina uppgifter or by contacting the library. A new library card costs €2.

    Informing us of new contact details
    The borrower is responsible for keeping their contact details up-to-date. You can change your address and other contact details (e-mail, mobile, etc) via, Logga in/Mina sidor/Mina uppgifter/Användarprofil.

    PIN code
    Contact the library staff if you forget your PIN code.

  • Standard library loans
    Loan period of 30 days
    For reserved materials, 14 days
    Course books
    Loan period of 14 days
    For reserved materials, 7 dagar
    Magazines, newspapers and DVD films
    Loan period of 14 days
    For reserved materials, 14 days
    Loan period of 10 hours

  • You can renew your loans via, Logga in/Mina sidor/Mina lån.

    Interlibrary loans
    Interlibrary loans cannot be renewed via your pages on the library website. If you wish to renew an interlibrary loan, contact the library.

    Borrowing restrictions
    Books and other media can be renewed a maximum of  3 times and course literature a maximum of 6 times. 

    It is not possible to renew loans on books reserved by another borrower.

  • A notice of library loan expiration will be sent to you by email or text message as a reminder that the due date for your library loans is approaching. If you wish to make use of this service, you can either contact the library or activate it yourself at, Logga in/Mina sidor/Mina uppgifter/Övertidsvarning. 

    Note that you are always responsible for returning/renewing material in time. This also applies when you have not received notice that your library loan is due.

  • You can reserve materials at

    It is free to reserve materials at Mariehamn City Library. Note, however, that you must pick up reserved materials within the time specified in the reservation notification. If the material is not retrieved within the time specified a charge of €2 will be made.

    If you are unable to pick up the material you have reserved within the period specified because of travel, sickness or for similar reasons, you can freeze your reservation at, Logga in/Mina sidor/Mina uppgifter/Frys reservationer under viss tid.

  • You can order books and journal articles as interlibrary loans by filling in and submitting the online forms below. This service applies to material not available at or in full-text via the library’s e-resources.

    Library loan periods and terms
    Interlibrary loans are lent on the terms of the lending library. Among other things, in respect of the length of the library loan and in regard to whether you can access the material as a home loan or a reading room loan.
    The length of the library loan for interlibrary loans applies unconditionally and notification should be given in good time if you wish to extend an interlibrary loan.

    Interlibrary loan charges for degree programme students and staff at the Åland University of Applied Sciences:
    Interlibrary loan of a book: free
    Interlibrary loan of  article copies: free
    Books ordered from outside the Nordic countries: €26/book
    Charge for overdue loans: €1/book and day

    Interlibrary loan charges for students at the HÅ Open University:
    Interlibrary loan of a book: €5/book
    Interlibrary loan of article copies: €5/article
    Books ordered from outside the Nordic countries: €26/book
    Charge for overdue loans: €1/book and day

    Order an interlibrary loan

  • You are welcome to submit suggestions for books and journals that you would like the university library to acquire. You can send your suggestions via our online form and we will contact you when we have made a decision whether the book/journal will be ordered or not. You can also reserve the material directly.

    Submit acquisition suggestions